YouTube is exploding with F80 M3 CS and F82 M4 CS videos now that the new G82 M4 CSL and G80 M3 CS are here. The biggest reason for that is their looks—the new cars are highly controversial, while the older ones are pretty universally loved. The older F80 and F82 models were also significantly more interesting than their newer siblings, thanks to a dual-clutch gearbox and purely rear-wheel drive. So it begs the question: were they really as good as we remember or is nostalgia for a better looking car clouding our judgement.

In this new video from AutoTopNL, we get to see first hand (quite literally) just how good or bad it is. While it never gets truly pushed too hard in this video, it does show off a little of what it can do and we do get to learn what it looks, feels, and sounds like.

The BMW M4 CS was the halfway point between the M4 Competition Package and the full-on, hardcore M4 GTS. The latter of which had water-injection, a roll cage, and manually adjustable suspension from the factory. However, the M4 CS was far more conventional, just with a bit more power than usual, better aero, a weight reduction, revised steering and suspension, and a titanium exhaust. All of that combined to make it a significantly improved car than the standard one. But, to be fair, the standard M4 wasn’t stellar to begin with. So were all of those improvements worth it and is it still as good as we remember?

According to this video, the answers are yes and yes. The F82 M4 CS gets off to an admittedly great start, with its gorgeous looks that have aged so much better since the new G80-generation models arrived. But then it shows off a bit of character that the new cars don’t have. Under the hood is a gorgeous carbon fiber strut brace, the cabin is a bit stripped out but still quite usable, and it barks to life with a gorgeous noise from the titanium exhaust. That last bit is important because the S55 engine in the standard F82 M4 sounded pretty crap. But whatever BMW did with the CS’s titanium exhaust and engine tuning made it sound superb.

It’s impossible to tell how the old F82 BMW M4 CS would compete with the newer car without driving them back-to-back, which seems unlikely. However, all of the positives said about the old car seem to be what the new car is missing.