We’re in a weird era of BMW at the moment. So many epic cars are being replaced with new ones and, while many of those new ones are good, they can often lack the magic of their predecessors. For example, the F80 M3 CS was an incredibly special car, thanks to its stripped out cabin, genuinely light curb weight, and dual-clutch transmission, things that aren’t really available on its successor, the G80 M3 CS. While the latter seems like it could be just as special, there’s a risk that it won’t be able to capture the same magic. So would you trade your F80 M3 CS in for the car that’s replacing it?

F80 M3 CS for G80 M3 CS

In the latest episode of the BMWBLOG Podcast, our friend and contributor James Bachici talks about trading his F80 M3 CS in for the new G80 M3 CS. If you’ve followed us long enough, you know that James has loved owning his F80 M3 CS and it’s a car that has been near and dear to his heart ever since he took delivery. He got it in the best color—San Marino Blue—which made it quite the collector’s car. So hearing that he decided to trade it in was shocking, even if it’s for the new M3 CS.

So why did he decided to make the swap? Well I won’t put words in his mouth and I’ll let him speak for himself in the episode below, but I can say that James likes the G80’s look, probably more than most of you do. As a friend, I can say that James is a man of good taste but I’m going have to disagree with him there (sorry, James!).

What Are the Differences Between the Two Cars?

What’s different about the G80 M3 CS, versus the older F80 model? Well, everything, really. It’s built on a completely difference chassis that’s admittedly better—it’s stiffer, better balanced, and produces far more capable cars. It also has a completely new engine, which is better, as the new S58 engine is not only significantly more powerful but it sounds better, is more efficient, and has better thermal management. the G80 M3 is also all-wheel drive, which makes it far grippier, less prone to snappy oversteer, and much, much faster. While the F80 M3 CS steers well and handles beautifully, the G80 M3 CS has a much better base than the F80 M3 CS, so it will likely be better in those regards as well.

There are really only two areas where the F80 M3 CS is largely considered better than the G80. One is its looks. I don’t think many people will disagree with the F80 M3 CS being better looking than the G80 M3 CS. Design was one of the very few undisputed attributes of the older car and the new one is quite controversial. The other advantage for the old car is its seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, which is far snappier and more engaging than the new G80’s eight-speed auto.

We’re very curious to hear about James’ thoughts once he gets ahold of his new G80 M3 CS and how it compares to the outgoing model, a car that’s he’s loved since owning. Will he be happy with his decision or will he yearn for his old car back? We’ll have to have him on the podcast again to find out.

Have a listen and enjoy. As always, you can listen either from the media player down below, or anywhere else you can find podcasts; Apple, Google, Spotify, or Stitcher.