We’ve seen our fair share of BMW M3 builds since the G80 was introduced in 2020 and this one has is instantly among our favorites. The all-black super sedan has received a few tasteful mods as a nod to other high-performance models. Up front, the aggressive kidney grille design is derived from the M4 CSL and the more recent M3 CS. At the rear, the sequential taillights with a 3D effect are reminiscent of the OLED setup used for the M4 GTS.

Riding low on Z-Performance aftermarket wheels, the sinister M3 is a Competition model equipped with a massive carbon fiber trunk lid spoiler. Pop the hood and you’ll immediately notice the carbon fiber intake system from Eventuri. Those large quad tips belong to a custom setup from Frequency Intelligent Exhaust, making the S58 engine sound positively glorious.

The predominantly black interior with carbon fiber trim and the standard leather seats reveals it’s an older M3 G80 since it lacks the iDrive 8 infotainment system introduced last year. Some will argue that’s for the better since the pre-2023 cars have a more functional center console with conventional controls. In addition, the digital instrument cluster is neatly integrated into the dashboard while the touchscreen doesn’t stick out as much as it does on the latest M3.

Although the current-generation sports sedan has already been around for nearly three years, it still has many long years ahead. A proper Life Cycle Impulse is expected around mid-2024 and BMW reportedly intends to continue production for three more years after the LCI’s introduction. Insiders claim the last G80 will be assembled in June 2027.

The G81 M3 Touring will bow out even later, in October 2027, with the G82 M4 Coupe and G83 M4 Convertible to soldier on until August 2028. BMW hasn’t confirmed the timeframe so take this information with the proverbial pinch of salt. There will be at least one more generation of 3 Series with combustion engines, but it’s too soon to say whether a gasoline-fueled M3 is on the agenda.

Source: RoCars / YouTube