All of these LCI updates sort of seem like the beginning of the end of an era for BMW. The Bavarians are preparing for a big electrification switch, as its cars will soon transition to the Neue Klasse chassis. The 4 Series is about to get its LCI update, which will spread across the coupe, convertible, Gran Coupe, and M4 model variants. These new spy photos show off what the new BMW M440i LCI will look like when it’s finally revealed. (We don’t own the photos but you can see them here)

The LCI update for the 4 Series is going to be fairly predictable. It’s going to get new headlights, with similar lighting elements to those found in the new X5 LCI. So rather than the hexagonal dual-halo LED lamps, the new 4er will get the same angular ones from the X5 and other new Bimmers. It’s a more modern look that works well but it does lose some of BMW’s dual-halo character. As for the rest of the front end, this test mule is too heavily covered in camouflage to really see any details. It obviously still has the same big kidney grille as before, though there might be some changes to the grille insert or the surrounding trim. We won’t know until the M440i sheds some camo.

Out back, the taillights’ shape looks the same, though they lack the dimension of the new 3 Series and X3 LCI taillights. Those cars gained taillights with tons of new depth and dimension, which really good, but the 4 Series doesn’t seem to, which is a bit disappointing. Though, it does look like the lighting elements underneath do look a bit better.

Inside, expect a few changes, such as the new iDrive 8 system, with its curved dual-screen setup. That means it will ditch its physical climate controls, just like the 3 Series LCI, BMW i4, and 7 Series. It will bring the 4 Series up to speed with the rest of BMW’s lineup, for better or worse. It will also ditch the old shift lever with a toggle switch, also matching the new 3 Series LCI and every other new Bimmer.

Don’t expect many mechanical changes, as the BMW M440i will continue to use the B58 inline-six engine, with 382 horsepower, 369 lb-ft of torque, and a 48-volt mild-hybrid system. However, it’s said to be losing its rear-wheel drive variant, as it likely wasn’t selling well enough. So expect the M440i to be all-wheel drive only.

[Source: Motor1]