The first dyno test for the 2023 BMW M2 is here. The folks at IND-Distribution took the G87 M2 to the dyno to witness its performance firsthand. BMW tends to underrate its car’s output, which can be frustrating for some. Therefore, they aimed to assess the G87’s actual potential and provide valuable information to future owners considering modifications or tuning options. Before we jump into their findings, let’s recap the standard specs: 453 horsepower @ 6250 rpm and 406 lb-ft of torque @2650 rpm from the S58 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine.

Photo by IND-Distribution

Best Run Pre Break-in – Dynojet 424

  • IND G87 M2: 464.59hp at 6910rpm // 412.85tq at 3050rpm
  • IND G87 M2 Crank (assuming approximate 15% loss): 547hp // 486tq

Comparison with the G82 M4:

  • G87 M2 — 464.59hp at 6910rpm // 412.85tq at 3050rpm
  • G82 M4 — 464.92hp at 6780rpm // 408.55tq at 4530rpm

As always, the dyno results reveal that BMW underestimate their power outputs and clearly there is a lot of room for more power in this S58 engine. It’s also interesting that the six-speed manual is allegedly only capable of handling 406 lb-ft of torque, but that could be just a safe ceiling. The dyno result showed a maximum torque of 413 lb-ft.

Photo by IND-Distribution

The next task on their agenda was to weigh the new BMW M2. According to IND’s report, our G87 M2 had a carbon roof and standard seats and weighed 3,758lbs with an empty car and a 75% tank of gas. This weight was well-distributed, and it was slightly below BMW’s specified 3,814lb curb weight. This is likely one of the many dyno tests to come so we’re wondering what the numbers will show, especially after the factory break-in period.