The past, present, and future all met at the BMW M Day in the Czech Republic where a record number of cars attended the annual event. The M3 E30, M3 Touring, and XM shared the circuit at the Autodromo Most where the seventh gathering took place. A record number of cars attended the show as no fewer than 210 vehicles hit the track.

The plug-in hybrid SUV celebrated its local debut and BMW brought not one but two examples – one in Marina Blue Bay with glossy black accents and the other in Carbon Black with a gold exterior trim. There were also quite a few M3 Tourings, not to mention an M4 CSL and a few other greatest hits. Attendees had the opportunity to hop inside an M4 GT3 driven by a professional driver for a few hot laps around the track.

People who came to the event with their own cars were allowed to drive around the 2.6-mile (4.2-kilometer) circuit. In addition, participants also enjoyed the M3 Touring from the passenger seat. Seeing the XM, M3 Touring G81, and M3 E30 at the forefront of the gathering is indicative of how BMW design has changed since the days of the original M3. Whether it’s for the better or for the worse, that’s for you to decide. Some prefer the newer, bolder styling while others appreciate the simpler, cleaner lines of the E30.

BMW expects the XM to be a rare breed in Europe, with half of the projected sales to come from the United States (26%) and China (23%). The Middle East (8%) completes the top three, so the Old Continent is projected to represent the minority. Nevertheless, the dedicated M model is being strongly promoted in Europe for those who can afford the steep premium it commands over an X5 / X6 M Competition.

Source: BMW