As the headline would suggest, this video is going to show off one of the most interesting and exciting builds we’ve seen in ages. Evolve Automotive in the UK decided to do something no one else had yet—take BMW’s two most exciting and special new cars and smash them together. The end result is the BMW M3 Touring CSL and, if you hadn’t already guessed, it’s awesome

Of course, it isn’t made exactly like an actual M3 Touring CSL would be, had it come from the factory. That’s just not possible, as so much of the M4 CSL is bespoke, so many of its parts cannot be used on other cars. So Evolve had to improvise to turn the regular M3 Touring into a “CSL.” To do that, Evolve fitted it with a massive parts list, consisting of their own parts—such as their signature Eventuri carbon fiber air intake—as well as other aftermarket brands, such as its Remus exhaust.

However, it might not be a proper CSL, but it looks like one. Much of the exterior mods made were from the actual M4 CSL, such as the grille, wheels, and most front end bits. So it might not be a proper CSL but it sure does look like one.


Under the skin, the only major mechanical improvements made were the addition of an MSS coilover suspension kit, which drops the ride height and improves handling, and the Remus exhaust. Interesting note about the Remus exhaust, it’s an extremely limited titanium system and the reason it was used was because the M4 CSL’s exhaust is titanium. So it’s actually not far off from the actual CSL. However, this Remus exhaust sounds better than the M4 CSL’s. It’s deeper and milder, without being too extreme.

When it’s all said and done, it looks surprisingly good. I was never one for the new M3’s design and the M4 CSL’s is the same just with more aggression. So I was apprehensive to see this final product. And while the grille is still too large, I understand and appreciate just how much hard work went into not only this build but the video. It also looks really good, with the yellow headlights being the key difference makers. However, the M4 CSL wheels and new wheel spacers make a helluva difference as well.

So if you’ve been wondering what a BMW M3 Touring mixed with an M4 CSL would look like, check this new video out and find out.