A good set of wheels goes a long way to making any car look better. That’s especially true for the BMW M3, which isn’t the most beloved of all BMW designs. However, funky looks aside, one of the surprising disappointments of the G80 M3 has been its wheel designs. BMW has always made brilliant looking wheels but the M3 and M4 are just lacking and designs that truly pop. However, slapping a set of HRE FF21s on it does make it pop.

The HRE FF21 is a FlowForm monoblock cast wheel that features a unique ‘V’ spoke design and gives the M3 some real presence. There’s some depth to the center of the wheel, which adds some visual depth to the car, especially when wheel spacers push these HREs out to where they’re supposed to be. There’s no question that the lowered suspension and wider wheel spacers help these wheels look their absolute best. The total  package looks great, though.

What the HRE FF21s also bring is some sophistication. I always though the G80 M3’s wheels were a bit juvenile but these HREs add some class. They look expensive and high quality, making the rest of the M3 look expensive and high quality.

The finish you see in these photos is called ‘Tarmac’ and it’s a satin black finish with a slight sheen. It might look like there’s some brushed silver in there too but that’s the reflection off of the Tarmac finishes’ sheen. However, there are a ton of other finish options to choose from, such as bronze, gold, and silver, along with some more intriguing color choices, like blue and red. And the red and blue aren’t just hints or shades, they’re fully, vibrant colors.

This specific M3 looks a bit better than most, thanks to its rear spoiler and lower front lip. It also looks to be wearing a Dravit Grey paint, which gives the M3 a distinct bronze-ish glow to an otherwise normal looking grey. It’s one of the better colors for the BMW M3 and it contrasts the black ‘Tarmac’ finish on the wheels. Said wheels come in either 19 or 20 inch diameters, which are big for an M3, but their size works well on the M3’s design.

If I were a BMW M3 owner, I’m going to rush out to get a set of HREs for it, because they truly make the highest quality wheels and their designs are killer.

[Source: HRE Wheels]