Frank Stephenson was involved in the development of several important cars, contributing to the original X5 (E53) and the first modern MINI in the BMW era. He also worked on the iconic Ford Escort RS Cosworth and a few Ferraris and Maseratis, specifically the F430, FXX, 612 Scaglietti, GranSport, Quattroporte, GranTurismo, and the MC12.

He is probably best known for designing the McLaren P1 and other supercars from Woking: MP4-12C, 570S, 675LT, and the 720S. The Moroccan designer also worked on several Fiat models, namely the 500 city car as well as the Punto and Bravo small hatchbacks.

Following his successful career as a car designer, the Casablanca-born professional branched out and created his very own independent studio, dubbed Frank Stephenson Design. The latest product doesn’t have any wheels, but it’s still related to the automotive industry. Developed for babyark, the car seat boasts a carbon fiber frame and a steel-based shock absorption system. There are even accelerometers and gyroscopes embedded into the seat to measure the force of an impact. In the event of a crash, the owner will be informed whether the seat can still be used.

If you’re still not impressed by how intricate the baby seat is, there are 14 sensors in the base of the seat to measure a wide variety of parameters. For example, the child’s caregiver will be alerted if the seat is not properly installed. The person will also be informed through an app installed on a smartphone if the kid is properly buckled.

As you would expect, it doesn’t come cheap. You can preorder one for $990 by placing a $50 deposit. It’s both rear- and forward-facing and comes with something called the BioArk side impact protection, “biomimicking the woodpecker’s unique plate-like bone natural protection system.” Babyark says it’s compatible with more than 80 percent of cars.

Source: Frank Stephenson Design