Just like the iX1, the BMW iX2 will be an electrified version of the X2 crossover, when it finally debuts. This new iX2 is going to feature an entirely different sort of design than the current X2 and it’s going to be the first electrified version of any X2 generation. Interestingly, in some new spy photos you can see the BMW iX2 charging in public but the most interesting part is that it’s charging at a Tesla Supercharger. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

As you can see in the new photos, the BMW iX2 in question was wearing heavy camouflage, so there wasn’t too much of its design to see. However, you can still see its overall shape, some of its aero, its headlights, and just a glimpse of its kidney “grille.” The latter of which can only be seen in the outline of its frame but it seems to have a pretty reasonable size, for a modern BMW, and might be shaped similarly to the X1’s. Most of its headlights can be seen through the camo and they look similar to the X1’s so far, so expect some familial resemblance.

However, the most interesting aspect of the BMW iX2 is its shape. It looks more like a shrunken X4, with a far sportier, more aggressively raked roofline than the current X2. While I’ll never say an SUV coupe is pretty, this is far better looking than whatever you call the current X2’s shape. It also gets a cute little rear spoiler, which probably does nothing for aero but makes it look sportier.

Render by TopElectricSUV.com

The Tesla Supercharger thing might seem odd but it’s actually not that unusual anymore. Tesla has a trial underway, testing out other cars using its Supercharger network in many European countries, Germany being one of them. That’s why this iX2 can use the Supercharger. How do we know it’s an iX2 and not an X2 plug-in hybrid? They key indicator is its charge port. Its charge port is where the fuel filler door would be on an internal combustion car. If it were a hybrid, it would need that filler door for its fuel and would have a second charge port door on the front fender. But since this only has one charge port in the typical fuel filler spot, it’s a pure BEV (battery electric vehicle).

It will be interesting to see how the BMW iX2 is received when it finally debuts. The iX1 is already looked at as a great all-around daily driver, so a sportier looking version could be attractive to buyers. Hopefully, that new design makes it desirable for the U.S. market so BMW will actually bring it here.

[Source: Motor1 / Render by TopElectricSUV.com]