With the M340d, BMW is among the last automakers to offer a performance-oriented diesel sedan. The Life Cycle Impulse introduced last year arrived with a mild-hybrid setup for the B57 engine but without changes to the output. The inline-six 3.0-liter unit still makes 340 hp and a healthy 700 Nm (516 lb-ft), and in theory, at least, it should have slightly better fuel economy courtesy of the 48V technology.

With the M340i being globally available while the M340d is mostly a European affair, the latter hasn’t been getting much attention. Thankfully, a new video from British tuning shop Motech Performance puts the spotlight on the diesel sports sedan they recently purchased. Wearing 50 years of M anniversary emblem, the Portimao Blue car has already been subjected to a significant change to give it a meaner stance.

Featuring an aftermarket suspension lowering kit from Eibach, the BMW M340d xDrive now sits 20-25 mm closer to the road. It makes the side profile substantially more appealing, but other changes are already in tow since the 19-inch wheels (792 M style) will make way for a custom set. The stiffer suspension mod has not only improved the car’s appearance but also the handling. It should be mentioned the car was ordered from the factory with adaptive dampers.

The diesel-fueled M Performance 3 Series is set to receive a pair of AC Schnitzer spoilers, one for the trunk lid and the other for the roof. A front splitter and chunky side skirts from the same German tuner will be installed to lend the M340d a beefier look. Motech Performance has yet to decide whether the custom parts will be color-coordinated with the body or finished in glossy black.

As some of you will recall, there had been some reports about BMW dropping the M340d with the LCI. We were quick to refute those rumors, and the German luxury marque proved us right in 2022 when the facelifted 3 Series kept the M340d in the lineup. The diesel performance version can be had as a sedan or as a wagon, which will likely be the more popular body style.

Source: Motech Performance / YouTube