The BMW M3 xDrive and Porsche 911 featured in this video are both modified German cars with six-cylinder engines of similar power, a pair of turbochargers, all-wheel drive, and automatic transmissions. However, that doesn’t make them direct competitors by any stretch of the imagination. After all, we are dealing with a sedan equipped with a front-mounted inline-six going up against a coupe featuring a rear-mounted flat-six.

Modified by Manhart, the M3 Competition with AWD now makes a healthy 630 horsepower from its S58 engine compared to the standard twin-turbo 3.0-liter rated at 510 hp. As for the Porsche, it’s a 997.2-generation model that had 500 hp when it left the factory. Since then, it’s been modified to extract 650 hp.

The widebody sports car from Zuffenhausen not only has an extra 20 hp at its disposal, but it’s also 100 kilograms (220 pounds) lighter. It uses a seven-speed, dual-clutch gearbox whereas the M3 relies on an eight-speed torque converter to route power to both axles. On paper, it would appear the 911 has the edge, but let’s keep in mind the 997.2 model is old compared to the G80, having been discontinued nearly a decade ago.

Proving once again that technical specifications don’t necessarily tell the whole story, the M3 Competition xDrive modified by Manhart was substantially faster in both drag races. It was a lot quicker off the line, albeit that might’ve been partially due to the slow reaction of the Porsche driver. In both duels, the BMW did 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in a little over 3.1 seconds while the 911 needed 3.74 seconds in the first drag race and 3.5 seconds during the second run.

The all-paw M3 was also notably quicker from 62 to 124 mph (100 to 200 km/h), taking 8.35 seconds in the first drag race and just 7.25 seconds in the subsequent acceleration test. The super sedan’s quarter mile ended after 11.16 seconds in the initial duel before dropping below the 11-second mark in the second drag race.

Excluding supercars, hypercars, and EVs, it’s hard to beat an all-wheel-drive M3 in a straight line, especially if it’s tuned. Of course, the latest 911 Turbo would be much quicker in a drag race than the 997.2 considering it has 580 hp from the factory.

It would’ve been interesting to see a rolling race with some lively in-gear acceleration, but maybe another time.

Source: Cars with Pilot Tseno / YouTube