The second generation BMW M3 CS just had its world debut in Daytona. With likely one more M4 CS on the way, one has to wonder: Will BMW also build their first ever M3 CS Touring? The first year allocation for the BMW M3 Touring is already sold out, with some deliveries now slipping into early 2024, so clearly, there is a major demand for this unicorn. Furthermore, BMW is even thinking about shifting some production slots from their M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe/Convertible models to the touring side. 

The Unicorn

Therefore, there is clearly an opportunity here for BMW M that will never come around again: building the M3 CS Touring. The special touring is a no-brainer, in our opinion, since most of the parts are already on the shelf. Look at the G80 M3 CS sedan and that’s quite obvious. The car received nearly the same front-end as the M4 CSL, an identical carbon fiber hood, yellow racing lights and carbon bucket seats. 

Render by

So applying the same formula to a BMW M3 CS Touring is not complicated. The business case is already there – great demand for the “regular” M3 Touring – and no additional costs for new parts. On top of this, there will never be an M3 Touring with a gasoline engine. Or at least not for the next few decades. The M brand is already deep into their electrification plans of the brand which will come to fruition sometimes in 2026. And while we might eventually get an M3 Touring, it’s likely going to be a quad-motor one pushing tons of horsepower, but noiseless. 

We wanted to illustrate what the BMW M3 CS Touring could look like so we asked our collaborator @germanysfinest43 to create some renderings for us. The result is exactly what you’d expect – an M3 CS Touring with all the existing parts from the M3 CS sedan. The CS models are money makers for the brand, so this might be the easiest business case they’ve ever encountered. All they need to do is find some capacity slots in the production line and give us what could be one of the best BMW M3 cars ever made. Even with that big grille on it.