BMW has officially revealed the new BMW M3 CS, which promises to be just as much of a performance tour-de-force as other CS-branded offerings. Perhaps in some ways even more confident a performer than the RWD-only M4 CSL, it serves up xDrive, 543 horsepower, and plenty of unique touches that set it apart from less-exclusive versions. We played around with the configurator to see what kinds of options are available.

m3 csl 1 bmw uk 830x467

BMW M3 CS Configurator Colors

Though allegedly available in four different colors, current configurators only allow us to view Brooklyn Grey and Black Sapphire Metallic. The two other paints, Signal Green and Frozen Solid White, are nowhere to be found – but they may be officially reserved for Individual requests, as they are technically Individual colors. I chose Black Sapphire Metallic, and I probably would choose it over the Individual colors, too.

BMW M3 CS Wheel Choices

The UK configurator shows two wheel choices, while the Swiss configurator only shows two. Swiss buyers, at least, seem to have the choice of track tires or sports tires. BMW has confirmed that both options are available in the US. Otherwise, the only real decision is whether you want your Style 827M wheels in Gold Bronze or black. While not a huge fan of either option, I choose the Gold Bronze 827M wheels with the track tires, as I have nightmares about cleaning a black-on-black car.

csl interior UK 830x490

Interior and Trim Options

Long story short: there are none. All CS variants of the M3 come with the same Black and Red Full Merino leather interior, featuring a carbon-fiber reinforced center console and standard carbon bucket seats to save weight and up the motorsport theater just a little bit. Carbon fiber trim is standard and the only option. Notably lacking an armrest, the black and red interior is otherwise a look I can get behind, so no qualms from me about this one.

BMW M3 CS Configurator - Rear

BMW M3 CS Configurator Options

One here: the BMW M Driver’s Package. It’s not removable on either configurator, so I guess I’m stuck with it. Not necessarily a bad thing when you’re picking up a 543-horsepower track-optimized sedan on race tires, I guess.

BMW M3 CS Pricing

My build comes out to exactly CHF 189’510 – or $206,428.24 in equivalent USD. While obviously the car won’t cost that much when it comes stateside – or at least, not before ADM kicks in – it goes to show how much easier it is to own a vehicle like this in the US. MSRP is listed as $118,700 plus $995 destination, putting it squarely between an M5 and an M4 CSL.

Anyway, you can check out the configurators for yourself on the BMW UK website or the BMW Switzerland website and configure them to your heart’s content.