BMW fans are all tingling with excitement over the M3 Touring, the first-ever M3 wagon in BMW’s history. However, not all markets will get the M3 Touring and each market is going to have limited allocations, which means a very small group of BMW enthusiasts will be able to actually get one. Thankfully, there’s a an alternative—the BMW X3 M Competition. Sure, it’s bigger, heavier, and less athletic but it uses the same powertrain, is all-wheel drive, and, with a bit of tuning, can be made every bit as exciting, as evidenced by this new video from AutoTopNL.

In this new video, we get to see a Mosselman-tuned BMW X3 M Competition and it’s just about the perfect daily driver for most BMW enthusiasts. What’s nice about the Mosselman tuning package for the X3 M is that it’s very well thought out. Mosselman didn’t just try and make it crazy loud and powerful. Its engineers and mechanics understand what X3 M customers want and need and created the perfect version of the car.

Obviously, it’s more powerful than stock, making a whopping 660 horsepower, more than 150 horsepower more than the factory car. Interestingly, Mosselman didn’t only tune the engine but also tuned the transmission with XHP software, which makes the gear shifts sharper, faster, and sportier.

It’s also louder, with an Fi exhaust, resonator, and 200-cell catalytic converter. More importantly, though, it’s not too loud (it’s actually quieter than the factory exhaust when its valves are closed) and Mosselman deleted the burble-tune, so it lacks the obnoxious manufactured pops and bangs of the factory car. It sounds clean, sharp, and genuinely aggressive, which is far nicer than the stock car.

If you can’t get your hands on a BMW M3 Touring but want a fun, fast, everyday family hauler with a Roundel, the BMW X3 M Competition is a great alternative that can be made even better with a couple of choice modifications. This Mosselman-tuned car is a perfect example of that.