BMW made a big splash at the 2023 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), with its color-changing technology, advanced artificial technology, and wild head-up display. However, it was far from the only brand there that made headlines. Volkswagen was also on hand to show off its latest electric car, one that could become a very dangerous BMW i4-fighter—the Volkswagen ID.7.

The Volkswagen ID.7 seen at CES was a production model, just one covered in camouflage to hide its final design until its official release. However, its interior was fully on display and fully functional, so it wasn’t a prototype or concept car. However, despite its finalized design, it looks remarkably similar to the ID Aero concept it previously debuted, which looked great.

Like the BMW i4, the Volkswagen ID.7 won’t be a traditional looking sedan. Its swoopy, aerodynamic design makes it look more like a four-door coupe, similar to the BMW i4. However, it seems to have a traditional sedan-style trunk, rather than a rear hatch.

It’s interior was on full display, though, and looks very much like a Volkswagen inside. The steering wheel and design language look very similar to those of the ID.4, just with a much larger tablet-style touchscreen. Volkswagen said it’s working on its infotainment system’s user interface, following an endless stream of complaints from customers, but this still seems like a UI mess of touchscreen buttons and controls. Why do car companies insist on such infuriating systems?

Thankfully, the ID.7 will be impressive under the skin. It’s built on Volkswagen’s new MEB+ platform, which is an updated version of the ID.4’s MEB platform. According to Volkswagen, the updated platform allows for larger, higher-density battery packs, better efficiency, and further range. The ID.7 is claimed to have upwards of 435 miles of range at its max. It’s also quite a bit longer than the Volkswagen Passat, which should allow for huge amounts of interior space. I used to own a 2012 Passat and it was like a ’70s Cadillac inside, so I can only imagine how spacious the ID.7 will be.

With that sort of range, interior space, and design, the ID.7 will likely be a very interesting alternative to the BMW i4, at what is likely to be a lower cost. EVs aren’t like traditional cars, as brand doesn’t play as large of a factor. EV buyers are more willing to cross-shop various brands, looking for the best overall car. And if the ID.7 offers more range, with more interior space, for a lower cost than the i4, it might be difficult for customers to pass up.