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We will finally get to discover what Dee is all about later this week when BMW will pull the covers of what it refers to as the “ultimate companion.” The teaser campaign started in the first half of December when the automaker gave the impression its social media accounts were all hacked at the same time. Strange messages were posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn, suggesting some AI-related trickery has been embedded into its new concept car.

The digital premiere will be hosted on the BMW Group’s Facebook page as well as on the company’s website in a section dedicated to livestreams. Both links can be found at the bottom of the article. Lest we forget the German luxury brand has already announced it’ll unveil a new Vision-badged concept at CES 2023, so there’s likely a strong connection between the showcar and Dee.

Although only a concept car, it plays an important role by providing the first preview of BMW’s next wave of electric vehicles coming in 2025. We will finally get an idea of how EVs on the Neue Klasse platform will look once they’ll begin to hit the market in less than two years from now. NE will be launched with a pair of 3 Series-sized models, so we’re expecting an i3 Sedan and a revamped iX3.

By debuting at CES rather than a conventional auto show, it tells us Dee will be a tech-laden concept. Even though there’s still a long wait for Neue Klasse models, BMW has already announced one major change compared to the current crop of EVs. The adoption of round cells to replace today’s prismatic batteries will result in a 30% higher range, 20% improved energy density, and 30% quicker charging.

Debrecen will be the first BMW plant to assemble NE-based vehicles, with Munich to follow in 2026. Spartanburg is going to produce at least six SUVs on this platform by the end of the decade.

We should learn more about BMW’s electric ambitions with the unveiling of the mysterious Dee concept scheduled for Wednesday, January 4, at 8:15 PM PST. That works out to Thursday, January 5, at 5:15 AM CET.

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