Nicole Automobiles, the sole importer of ALPINA products in Japan, has commissioned a special edition based on the B4 Gran Coupe. Production will be capped at just four vehicles, and they’ll all look different by combining the Fire Orange and Frozen Black Metallic paints with gold, black, and anthracite finishes for the timeless 20-inch ALPINA Classic wheels.

Regardless of the car, all will come with a Merino Full Leather Black interior. Interestingly, two are going to be built to left-hand-drive specifications while the other two will have an RHD layout. The sporty gran coupe gets an assortment of ALPINA goodies, including velour floor mats (including the cargo mat), an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel, and special stitching throughout the cabin.

Fire Orange and Frozen Black Colors

These JDM-spec B4 Gran Coupe cars also come with ALPINA paddle shifters and an electrically operated sunroof while tinted windows and black exhaust tips are part of the deal as well. To sweeten the pot, the future member of the BMW Group adds a black wood trim on the dashboard and center console, along with galvanic controls for a premium feel.

The most affordable of the four is the Fire Orange car with gold wheels, available for ¥17,898,000. That works out to nearly $135,000 or €127,000 at current exchange rates. Up next is the Frozen Black Metallic car combined with the same gold wheels, for ¥18,216,000 ($137,300 or €129,200). The Fire Orange B4 Gran Coupe with black alloys retails for ¥18,363,000 ($138,400 or €130,300) while the Frozen Black Metallic car with anthracite wheels is the priciest of the lot, at ¥18,616,000 ($140,300 or €132,000).

ALPINA Japan is already accepting orders online, until January 31, 2023. Should demand exceed supply in this interval, a lottery will be organized to determine the four winners who will be given the opportunity to buy the cars. All four have already been built and are currently being displayed at showrooms in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Source: ALPINA