Brooklyn Grey seems to be among BMW’s favorite colors at the moment, as it uses it on everything. Admittedly, it’s a good color. Not many greys have much character but Brooklyn Grey does. And it’s one of the better choices for the new BMW M2, which you can see lapping the track in these new photos.

These photos were taken at the Petrolhead Trackday back in November, at the Circuit Zolder, for BMW Belux. The car in question was a pre-production M2 with a six-speed manual, instead of the eight-speed auto. Thankfully, power output is the same for the G87 BMW M2, regardless of which transmission you choose. So this pre-pro car makes 453 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. All of which is sent to the rear wheels, of course.

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Production of the BMW M2 will happen at the San Luis Potosi plant in Mexico and it’s set to hit dealerships sometime next year. BMW unfortunately didn’t give the M2 many good color options, unlike the M3 and M4, which have quite a few. However, Brooklyn Grey is one of the better options for it. For a grey, it really does change quite a bit. In bright light, it almost looks white but it also looks almost charcoal in darker lights. It’s surprisingly versatile. It also shows off the BMW M2’s lines well, which make it look its best.

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I would personally normally prefer an interesting color, like a red, blue, or yellow, rather than grey. I’m sick of grey, black, and white cars. However, of all the M2 color options I’d choose, it’d either be Zandvoort Blue or this Brooklyn Grey. What do you think?

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