The introduction of the new BMW iX model later this year will open a new chapter in the history book of the Bavarian brand. Apart from the fact that the new electric SUV will become the company’s technology flagship, it will also bring a new, up to date interpretation of the iDrive system, a core element of the experience we get inside a BMW these days. A preview of the system will be offered at the Consumers Electronics Show 2021, which is takes place virtually this year.

The full system will be unveiled later this year along with all the remaining specs of the BMW iX. According to BMW, the main focus was to create an immersive experience for those inside the car, with intuitive and easy to use controls. BMW says ‘Digital Intelligence’ will be offered in the new cars which now has optimized sensors that allows it to perceive and analyze their surroundings.

This means that, in many situations, the vehicle has access to a greater supply of information than the driver. For example, it can receive and display hazard warnings from other BMW vehicles and make predictions on the availability of parking spaces at a destination. Developments will continue in this direction, presenting the car’s display and operating system with fresh challenges now and in the future.

The next-generation BMW iDrive is set up to utilize the potential of an intelligently connected vehicle more extensively than ever and so make the mobility experience even safer, even more comfortable and convenient, and even richer in variety. One key feature we’re keen on testing is the rumored possibility of controlling features with your eyesight. Basically, the car uses sensors that monitor your eyes and knows where you’re looking and reacts accordingly. For more examples of what the new iDrive system can do, check out the dedicated website BMW created for it.