The 2024 BMW 5 Series is almost here, as it’s set to debut sometime in the second half of 2023. So in less than a year, 2024 BMW 5 Series model will be shuttling well-to-do customers around town. But before it does, you might want to know what to expect from the new BMW 5 Series. Not only will it help you decide if you want one, it could help you decide which one you want. So let’s get started.

Engine Options

When the new BMW 5 Series (G60/G61) debuts, it will come with an internal combustion version (5 Series) and an electric version (i5). For each version of the 5 Series, there will be several different models available, with different powertrain options. Here’s the rundown of the models, and their powertrains, that you can expect.

But keep in mind, these are not market specific which means not all of them will come to the United States, for example. Furthermore, none of these models were confirmed by BMW, instead, we relied on sources and other information to compile the list.

2024 BMW 5 Series PHEV spy photo / wilcoblok on Instagram

BMW 5 Series

  • BMW 520i (B48 2.0-liter turbo-four, rumored around 190 horsepower)
  • BMW 520i xDrive (B48, rumored around 190 horsepower, all-wheel drive)
  • BMW 520d (B47 diesel turbo-four, rumored around 195 horsepower)
  • BMW 530i xDrive (B48, 255 horsepower, all-wheel drive)
  • BMW 540i xDrive (B58, rumored 370-380 hp, all-wheel drive).
  • BMW 530e PHEV (four-cylinder hybrid)
  • BMW 550e PHEV (six-cylinder hybrid)
  • BMW M560e (another rumored six-cylinder hybrid, similar to the M760e)
  • Future models could follow and will be market specific

BMW i5

  • BMW i5 eDrive40 (single-motor, 335 horsepower, rear-wheel drive)
  • BMW i5 M60 (dual-motor, likely below 600 horsepower, all-wheel drive)
  • Additional models could follow in the future, similar to the i4 and iX

Sedan and Touring Models

As per usual, the new BMW 5 Series and electric i5 will come in two body styles, sedan and Touring (wagon). In Europe, both will be available and the latter will likely be the most popular. However, in North America, neither the 5 Series nor i5 as a Touring have been confirmed. So it remains to be seen whether the wagon will come to the U.S. market.

There’s also a BMW M5 Touring on the horizon. BMW M Boss Frank van Meel acknowledged that the demand for high-performance wagons is there and that it’s possible for a new M5 Touring. And if there’s an M5 Touring, will we get an electric M5 Touring also? It remains to be seen.

2024 BMW 5 Series PHEV spy photo / wilcoblok on Instagram

Colors and Options

It’s impossible to say exactly which options will be available at the moment but there are a few colors and options that should be coming. Things like the Level 2+ features (Highway Assist and Highway Exit Assistant) from the new 7 Series, Bowers & Wilkins sound system, the Iconic Glow illuminated kidney grilles, iDrive 8 and more.

Potential customers will want to know what sort of colors will be available. The typical Alpine White, Black Sapphire Metallic, Carbon Black, Brooklyn Grey, and Phytonic Blue should be available. We could also see Cape York Green, and a couple of Frozen colors, like grey and white.

When is it Coming?

The G60 BMW 5 Series will arrive in some market in late 2023. We anticipate the first batch of models to include the likes of BMW 530e, 540i xDrive, and the 550e xDrive.  But of course, the model distribution will vary from market-to-market. In 2024, we expect the debut of the BMW i5 eDrive40 and M560e, somewhere between Spring and Summer.

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BMW 5 Series FAQ

When is a new BMW 5 Series coming out?

The new BMW 5 Series (G60) sedan will start production in July 2023. We expect the first units to arrive at dealerships in late 2023. The BMW 5 Series (G61) touring will start production in March 2024. Expect first models to reach dealers in Summer 2024.

Is the 2024 BMW 5 Series a new design?

Yes. The 2024 BMW 5 SERIES G60 will have a brand new design. We expect major changes inside the cabin as well, with a large curved display and iDrive 8.

How much is it a BMW 5 Series?

The current 2023 BMW 5 Series (530i) has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $54,800, plus a destination charge. The 2023 BMW 530e plug-in hybrid’s price begins at $56,400.

Will there be a new BMW M5?

The 2024 BMW M5 (G90) is based on the new 5 Series. It will be the first electrified M5 with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain consisting of a 4.4 liter V8 and an electric motor. The power output will be around 700 horsepower.