16Genesis dropped a bombshell ahead of the 2022 LA Auto Show. Somehow, Genesis was able to keep its newest concept car secret up until recently, when it revealed the prettiest convertible concept I’ve seen in ages—the Genesis X Convertible Concept. And every premium brand should take notice.

The Genesis X Convertible Concept is an electric convertible grand touring car concept and it’s breathtakingly beautiful. It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at a car design and though it to be perfect but I think the new Genesis X concept is just that. Perfect. I can’t find a shape, line, or body panel on it that I don’t like. It’s long, low, lean, and muscular. There’s a restrained aggression to it that reminds me of the best British GT cars.

There are also some clever design elements throughout. For instance, Genesis found a clever way to work its brand’s front-end design language in without the use of a grille, by simply recreating the grille’s silhouette in headlight bars. It looks great, keeps Genesis’ brand recognition, and eliminates the obnoxious fake grilles of almost every other EV. I’m looking at you, BMW i4. Clever design like that is what we need more of in the industry.

Out back, the double taillights and subtle ducktail spoiler give off Aston Martin DB9 Volante vibes and it’s lovely. Also lovely is the way the shoulder line stats at the hood and makes its way all the way back to above the rear fender, which makes it both elegant and muscular looking. The taillights are also in line with the headlights, so if you look at it in profile, it looks like they’d meet if they continued on.

I think my favorite part, though, is the wheel design. Just look at those things, they’re gorgeous. That might be the best modern wheel design I’ve seen on a factory car. It’s somehow both incredibly aggressive and elegant. It would look equally as good on a Bentley as it would on a Corvette. Just gorgeous.

If it sounds like I’m fawning over the Genesis X Convertible Concept, it’s because I am. I’ve been looking at this car since it debuted last night and I haven’t tired of doing so yet. It’s just spectacular looking and I pray Genesis puts it into production. Not only is it beautiful, though, it’s exactly the sort of car the market needs right now.

People need get excited about EVs and we need more than just futuristic looking sedans and hatchbacks. So far, 90-percent of EVs on the market are smart, practical, sensible vehicles. We need fun cars with beautiful designs and the Genesis X Convertible Concept could be just the thing. I hope BMW, and the rest of the premium market, takes notice.