There are more powerful and luxurious models than the M340i in BMW’s vast lineup, but few are as versatile as the M Performance wagon. The Life Cycle Impulse introduced earlier this year hasn’t rocked the boat in terms of design, meaning the 3 Series with a long roof remains an attractive car. It still offers an inline-six while rivals are downsizing to four-pot engines, and with the LCI bringing the Operating System 8, it has the most recent tech from Munich.

One classy spec of the M340i xDrive Touring was photographed by our colleagues at Bimmer Today at Autohaus Cloppenburg, a BMW and MINI dealer located in Erfurt. Say what you will about the automaker’s most recent design choices, but this is one handsome luxury estate painted in an Individual color. Available for an extra €3,300 in Germany, this Frozen Tanzanite Blue metallic paint lends the sporty wagon a sophisticated appearance.

Adding to the car’s appeal are the 50 years of M anniversary emblems at the front and rear as well as for the wheel center caps. Speaking of which, the M340i had the 19-inch 792 M alloys with a two-tone look contrasted by the red brake calipers. With the LCI, BMW introduced an optional carbon fiber roof for the M340i and M340d models, but it’s only available on the sedan.

The interior is where you’ll find the most significant changes brought by the facelift as the performance wagon now hosts the new iDrive. It boasts a 14.9-inch touchscreen housed within a single piece of curved glass together with the 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. In addition, the bulky transmission lever has made way for a small gear selector on all 3 Series versions except for the M3.

In this case, the cabin has been pampered with the Individual treatment by featuring a full Merino leather upholstery in black with contrasting stitching. The M340i also gets the carbon fiber trim on the dashboard and center console to lend the interior a sportier ambiance worthy of the 3.0-liter engine under the hood.

Fancy spec aside, the M340i ticks all the right boxes and would likely be our pick of the BMW range.

Source: Bimmer Today