BMW’s currently making big headlines with the new i7. As reviews trickle out, the media is beginning to realize just how impressive BMW’s electric sedan is. However, there’s actually going to be an even more important electric sedan from BMW in the next couple of years—the BMW i5—and it was just seen doing some testing before it’s finally revealed next year.

In these new photos, you can see one very important aspect of the new i5’s design. Simplicity. Having just driven the new 7 Series lineup, I can say that they drive brilliantly but their looks are a hard sell. This upcoming BMW i5, however, is going to be far more handsome, far more traditional, and it’s going to attract more customers. BMW’s new design philosophy is that the uber-premium cars, such as the 7 Series, X7, and XM lineups, will have the split-headlight, large grille designs. While every other BMW will be more traditional. Which is good to hear.

The next-gen 5 Series will feature a normal kidney grille, typical BMW headlights, a smooth design, short overhangs, and a well-defined shoulder line, as any good BMW should. Despite wearing heavy camo, it also looks like the BMW i5 will have a decent looking Hofmeister Kink, too.

BMW i5 spy photo /

When the BMW i5 debuts, it will have two model variants, at least just to start: the BMW i5 eDrive40 and the BMW i5 M60. The latter of which will be the high-powered, M Performance variant, likely with the same powertrain as the BMW i7. However, the former will have a less powerful, likely rear-drive-only powertrain. There aren’t any range estimates just yet but a 300 miles range is hopeful.

The BMW i5 will make its debut sometime later next year, likely Q3 or Q4, but will go on sale as a 2024 model. The i5 is really going to kick off BMW’s electric future next year because it’s likely going to become one of its most famous and potentially even its most popular. In the U.S., we don’t get cars like the BMW iX1, so the entry-level electric BMW is the i4 but that’s weird looking. The i5, however, will be better looking, larger, more luxurious, have a better interior, better tech, and likely more range. If BMW can price it right, the i5 is going to be a big hit among a very large portion of its fanbase and it could even be its most important car. Until an electric 3 Series comes.

[Source: Autocar]