The new BMW M2 has an interesting suite of M Performance parts, which offer a few unique parts that you can’t find on other models. For instance, the funny side strakes are new, as is the fixed rear wing. This specific M2 was seen with the full suite of M Performance parts and a unique orange wrap.

Unique Exhaust Pipes

As you can see in this video, this G87 BMW M2 is loaded with the full catalog of M Performance parts. If it doesn’t actually have every single part, it’s damn close. And it looks ultra aggressive, with the carbon fiber front aero, the side strakes, the rear diffuser with the upgraded M Performance exhaust, and the center lock wheels.

That last bit is the important bit. BMW has never offered center lock wheels on a production car before, so there are going to be some very excited fans who’ve been jealous of Porsche owners. Are center lock wheels really any better than five-lug wheels on a road car? No, not really. But they’re cooler and that’s what matters most. Porsche 911 GT3 owners love theirs, M2 customers will likely appreciate these as well and I can see BMW selling a ton of them. It helps that they look better than the standard M2 wheels, too. Sneaky BMW, giving the M2 humdrum looking wheels but offering the good ones as M Performance upgrades for an additional cost.

A Massive Racing Wing

I’m not sure how I feel about the carbon fiber wing, as it looks a bit cheap, like it was bought at Pep Boys on sale. Though, I do appreciate BMW selling a fixed wing as an aftermarket part, rather than just the little lip spoiler. It’s more interesting and more exciting, even if I don’t love this exact wing.

As for the orange wrap, it’s interesting looking and it will fit in with its surroundings, as this specific car is a promotional car from BMW that will debut at the 2022 Essen Motor Show in December. It’s also a good example of how different M Performance parts can make a car look and potentially feel.

While I personally wouldn’t add all of them, if I were an M2 owner, there are a few things I’d use. For instance, the wheels look great and some of the carbon fiber bits are fun. But if you do want the full suite of parts, you can make the G87 M2 far different looking than the standard car.