The 2023 BMW M2 is going to start at $62,200, which is about normal for an entry-level M car. However, this generation M2 is going to get quite expensive with options. Dealers are starting to get the pricing guide and options list for the new M2 and some of the options carry big price tags. For 2023, the most expensive option package on the list is the Carbon Fiber Package, which costs a whipping $9,900. However, with that comes a surprising amount of gear. For instance, with it you get a carbon fiber roof, M carbon fiber bucket seats, carbon fiber trim, the M driver’s package and the M Race Track Package.

Carbon Fiber Package – $9,900

That’s by far the most expensive package, though. There are only a few other packages that will be offered on the BMW M2 and both of which are cheap, compared to the carbon fiber pack. There’s the $300 Shadowline package and the $650 lighting package. However, the M Driver’s Package will set you back $2,500. For that, you get an increased top speed and a trip to BMW’s driving school.

Carbon Fiber Roof – $2,600

In terms of individual options, the most expensive is the carbon fiber roof which will set you back $2,600. That’s going to be optioned on most cars, I presume, considering how many previous M2 owners wish they could have optioned it. Also, if you want the fancy Live Cockpit Professional Pro digital gauge cluster, you’ll have to pay an additional $1,100. Metallic paint colors are $650 and there are only two standard colors: Alpine White and Zandvoort Blue. Optional colors at this point are Brooklyn Grey, Toronto Red, and Black Sapphire Metallic.

Even without the packages, though, the BMW M2 comes pretty well equipped. Standard on the BMW M2 are LED headlights, an M Sport differential, and a Harman & Kardon sound system, among many other things. So for the flat $62,200 price, you actually do get quite a lot of kit. However, if you want to load it up with options, you’re looking at a price tag closer to $80,000 than most enthusiasts would like. That’s firmly in BMW M4 territory, which is bigger, more powerful, and faster. Yet, the M2 will also be the more fun track car.

The standard transmission option is a six-speed manual, which will be the enthusiast’s choice. However, if you prefer the eight-speed automatic, it’s a no-cost option, which is nice when you consider that if you want the BMW M3 with an automatic, you have to step up to Competition spec.