The next-generation of MINI models are on the way, with a massive portfolio refresh. The MINI hatch, Convertible, Countryman, and Aceman will all be new models, built on new chassis, and will be focused on electrification, ushering the brand into the future. To help clear some specifics up a bit, we’ve got the scoop on the upcoming chassis codes for most of the future MINI models.

F6X Chassis Codes

First up is the bread and butter of the MINI lineup, the 3-Door hatchback will be known as the F66. The MINI 3-Door hatch is the quintessential MINI, as it’s the same configuration and layout as the original Alec Issigonis-designed Mini. As per usual, there’s also going to be a MINI 5-Door hatchback, which will come get the F65 chassis code. Surprisingly, though, there’s also going to be a Convertible version still, despite small convertibles losing popularity in recent years, which will be known as F67. The MINI Countryman, however, will get an interesting chassis code, U25.

Although, there will be an additional model that flips the script on the recipe a bit, as there’s going to be an electric MINI 3-Door. However, the electric version won’t be built on the same chassis, so it gets a different chassis code. The MINI 3-Door electric will be built in China, thanks to a deal between BMW and Great Wall. A variation of this platform will also underpin the MINI Aceman. Because both cars use different chassis, they get different chassis designations. So the MINI 3-Door electric is known as J01 and the MINI Aceman is J05.

I know automotive chassis codes are about as exciting as shopping for filing cabinets but they are helpful to understand what’s going on in the future. As we discuss future MINIs, we’re going to use these chassis codes to reference which car we’re talking about. So this is a bit like a cheat sheet. Just to clarify, here’s the list of the MINI chassis codes we’re aware of below:

  • MINI 3-Door Hatch: F66
  • MINI 5-Door Hatch: F65
  • MINI Convertible: F67
  • MINI Countryman: U25
  • MINI 3-Door Electric: J01
  • MINI Aceman: J05