What better way to see what has changed with the BMW 3 Series’ Life Cycle Impulse if not by putting the updated sedan next to the pre-facelift model? While these two are not identical cars – the new one is a 320i while the old one is a 330i – both have the M Sport Package. The sharper-looking headlights without the kink represent the most notable change with the LCI, but there’s more to the refresh than that.

It’s easy to see BMW’s designers have completely revamped the front bumper and there are more glossy black accents than before. In addition, the LED fog lights are gone while the central area has a hexagonal shape. The front grille has remained essentially the same, albeit discreet updates to its contour and double bars have been applied. The kidneys are seen here in the Shadowline specification on the LCI model with a black finish.

Moving at the back, the 2023 3er with the M Sport Package gains a more aggressive bumper with a prominent diffuser The pre-LCI’s red reflectors installed horizontally are now mounted vertically and pushed to the outer edge of the bumper. These tweaks give the illusion of a wider car when viewed from the rear. There are additional glossy black accents to be found on the rear apron than before while the diameter of the exhaust tips measures 90 or 100 millimeters, depending on the engine.

The most significant changes have been implemented inside where the 3 Series facelift transitions to the iDrive 8. The side-by-side screens measure 12.3 inches for the driver’s display and 14.9 inches for the touchscreen, with the latter incorporating the climate control functions. BMW has simplified the center console by keeping the switchgear down to a minimum. In addition, a small gear selector is new for 2023.

Company insiders claim another revision is planned for 2024 when the sports sedan is expected to get updated engines (possibly for the US market) and styling tweaks. From late 2025, all diesel engines will be tweaked to comply with Euro 7 regulations. It is believed BMW has extended production of the G20 3 Series until February 2027.

Source: Mr BMW South Africa / YouTube