It seems the natural progression of all BMW M cars is to have the initial car and then either a CS or a CSL model. So we know that, at some point, the BMW M2 is going to get one or the other and, judging by the reception of the new M4 CSL, it’s likely going to be the latter. If that does happen, it’s likely going to look a bit like this new render.

Render artist Tim the Spy recently posted these concept images of a BMW M2 CSL and the idea is simple: take the currently leaked M2 photos and add some CSL-looking bits. Much of those CSL bits are pulled right from the M4 CSL, such as the black and red striping, the side skirts, the front aero, and the ducktail spoiler.

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I especially like the look of the wheels, as Tim the Spy made them a bit smaller than you might think, allowing for a meatier tire sidewall. Not only would that look better, if BMW went down the same route, it would provide the M2 CSL with a better ride/handling balance than a lower profile tire would. The wheels are carbon fiber, too. Obviously, the render features a lot of visible carbon fiber, just like the M4 CSL, big red brake calipers, and the same sort of badging as its bigger brother.

If a BMW M2 CSL does end up coming to market, which seems inevitable at this point, it will likely follow in the M4 CSL’s footsteps. Which would mean a healthy bump in power, likely to around the same level as the standard BMW M3, and a reduction of a couple hundred pounds. That last bit is important because the new M2 is going to be a porky little car, tipping the scales far closer to 4,000 lbs than anyone would like.

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Judging by the reactions of the new BMW M4 CSL, a rawer, more aggressive, and almost frightening M2 CSL could be in the cards. And considering its size, it has the potential to try and recapture some of the E46 M3 CSL’s magic.

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