You’ve all heard me call for BMW customers to get Individual colors ad nauseam at this point but I’m gonna do it again. Both because I won’t stop trying to convince people to avoid monochromatic colors for interesting ones and because I think we could use looking at a handsome BMW, after the release of the XM. And, make no mistake, the BMW M5 is a handsome car. When it’s painted in Zanzibar Metallic, becomes a real looker.

Admittedly, I’ve soured a bit on the standard BMW M5, and even the M5 Competition, ever since driving the M5 CS. When I first drove the F90 M5, I was deeply impressed, as I think we all were. Its combination of performance, comfort, luxury, technology, and daily usability were nigh unparalleled in the industry. However, since driving the absolutely sensational M5 CS, the standard car feels incredibly “blah.”

Having said that, it still makes for a brilliant daily driver. It’s fast as hell, as comfortable as a luxury car, is capable of carving up a canyon (even if it isn’t the most fun super sedan doing it), and it looks great. You can pull up to your fancy job’s parking lot in an M5 and always draw respect from your coworkers. If it’s painted in Zanzibar Metallic, than you’ll even gain the admiration of those same coworkers.

Zanzibar Metallic is one of my favorite BMW Individual colors. There’s just something so cool about a bronze car and Zanibar is the perfect shade of it. Also, with its immense metallic flake, it reflects light like an absolutely champ. The BMW M5, in non-CS form, is a bit of a letdown nowadays, especially with cars like the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing on the loose. However, it will remain an excellent looking, comfortable sedan that’s capable of silly speeds and getting it in a cool color will help to increase the excitement factor of owning it. [Images:]