Missing from the lengthy press release issued today were images of the future BMW XM Label Red. BMW spoke briefly about the 750 horsepower variant which will arrive in Summer 2023. But some digging on social media brought us to some images posted by BMW Austria. And the local BMW office might have shown us the BMW XM Label Red. The photos below show a Frozen Black XM paired with a kidney grille featuring a red-painted outer edge. Next, we see very same red paint featured on the trim and even on the wheels. But other than those changes, it looks similar to the normal 650 hp XM.

BMW XM Label Red in Summer 2023


Unfortunately, there isn’t much to go about and this could simply be just the regular XM but with different color and trim options. We already know that the BMW XM Label line, including the Red variant, will be unique and likely sold in limited quantities. Of course, all XM Label models will be the most powerful BMWs ever made. The BMW XM Label Red uses a pumped up version of the same powertrain and it makes a mightily impressive combined 735 horsepower and 735 lb-ft of torque. It makes that total power output by bumping up the engine power to 585 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. Obviously, this will be the faster version but BMW hasn’t released official performance figures just yet, so how much faster is still very much in question.

Why is it called Label Red? The BMW answer is something about emotion but the real answer is that it makes the car sound more high-end for would-be buyers. It also gives BMW the opportunity to develop new Label models in the future, with different power output and styles. BMW hasn’t officially announced any new Labels but we hear there are more on the way. The MSRP is not finalized, but BMW of North America says that it will start at over $185,000.

Will all the future XM Label models come with a color in their name? It remains to be seen, but through the grapevine, we’ve heard about names like BMW XM Label Black and even a Label Edition. Regardless of their name, we expect each one of those XM variants to be bold, exclusive and expensive, catering to a niche and rich demographic.