Before the BMW Group takes control of ALPINA in 2026, it’s business as usual in Buchloe. The X7 recently went under the knife and now the fullsize SUV has visited another plastic surgeon to make subtle changes here and there to separate the XB7 from the X7 M60i upon which it’s based. Following a full reveal yesterday, the fullsize luxury SUV now stars in its first promotional video.

Proving that some things never change, the 2023 XB7 shown here is painted in ALPINA’s signature green color and rides on elegant multi-spoke wheels measuring a stately 23 inches. It inherits the split headlight layout from its BMW-badged sibling and discreetly updated taillights with the new side graphics. Much like the M60i, you can have ALPINA’s version with seven seats or a six-seat layout featuring optional captain’s chairs for the second row as featured in the attached footage.


All the novelties you either love or loathe about the X7 LCI have been carried over to the XB7 as aside from the unusual light assembly, the iDrive 8 has been installed. Although the bulky gear lever is now a thing of the past in the M Performance model sold by BMW for the 2023 model year, ALPINA has decided to stick with the old setup, complete with blue illumination.

The sumptuous cabin does look far more futuristic now with the latest infotainment system, although we’re positive some will miss having separate controls for the climate settings. New with the facelifted version is an “XB7” logo that lights up on the passenger side of the dashboard. On the BMW models, it’s either an “M” in the case of the M60i or a simple “X” for the regular X7.

With 630 horsepower on tap, the 2023 XB7 is effectively the most powerful SUV in BMW’s range, thus outpunching the 617-hp X5 M / X6 M Competition. It basically matches the forthcoming 2023 XM, but only temporarily as a 750-hp version of the plug-in hybrid SUV is due in 2023.

ALPINA is already taking orders and is charging $150,000 before options and delivery charges. First deliveries will take place early next year.

Source: ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH + Co. KG / YouTube