The BMW 1M was one of those cars that everyone knew was special the instant it debuted. Most of us knew it would go on to become a collector’s item, something that would appreciate in value. Its rarity helped with that certainty, as its limited production run meant that there would be a much higher demand than supply. However, it was also just a special feeling car. So much so that Shmee150 is likely going to buy one.

Shmee owns a great many cars, almost all of which are mid-engine supercars with a gajillion horsepower, Alcantara interiors, and carbon fiber everything. The BMW 1M is no such car, however. The 1M is far simpler, far cheaper than those supercars (despite it costing almost six-figures in some cases), and far more honest. The 1M isn’t some thoroughbred performance machine, designed from the ground up to be the best performance sedan possible. Instead, it was made from scraps.

BMW went with leftovers to build the 1M. That means it has an upgraded 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six from most standard BMWs at the time, just with a bit of a tune. When it debuted, it was the first turbocharged M car in history and fans didn’t know what to feel about it. But it did have M3 subrames and axles, M3 suspension, and a raucous, pugnacious attitude. However, those initial feels passed once everyone realized BMW struck gold.

Not every BMW M car is great to drive. In fact, at the moment, I’d argue only a handful of them are. But that doesn’t mean BMW is incapable of greatness. Cars like the 1 Series M prove that BMW is still perfectly capable of developing great driver’s cars, with analog inputs and a pure, rear-drive experience. Of course, such cars don’t really exist much anymore. There are a few, such as the Toyota GR86 and Mazda MX-5, but that’s about it in the ‘States. Which is a shame because I think we would have been a cool market for wagons.

In this new video, Shmee checks out the nitty gritty of the 1 Series M and then drives it to see how he gets along with it. As it turns out, Shmee seems to be a big fan of the BMW 1M and now wants to buy one.