Of all the BMWs available today, one would argue the M340i xDrive Touring ticks most of the boxes as it’s luxurious, practical, and sporty. The LCI introduced earlier this year also elevated the wagon’s technology with the implementation of the latest iDrive. It’s also (relatively) affordable in the grand scheme of things, especially when compared to the full-fat M3 Touring or the bigger and fancier models.

Making a low-key appearance, this M Performance 3 Series Touring was spotted combining a Sapphire Black exterior with a Sensatec perforated synthetic leather interior also finished in black. The dark theme is further enhanced by the predominantly black 19-inch M wheel with silver accents for the double spokes. The only dash of color is represented by the red brake calipers you can spot from a mile away as everything else has a stealthy look.

With the Life Cycle Impulse, both the M340i and M340d models have received redesigned side mirrors bringing the M Performance cars closer to the full-fat M3. In addition, the kidneys are less glitzy than before after losing the shiny vertical fins to give the front fascia a sportier look thanks to the grille’s honeycomb pattern.

BMW’s updated M340i can also be configured going forward with an optional carbon fiber roof. However, much like it’s the case with the M3, you can only have it on the sedan. In case you haven’t noticed, this G21 does not have the anniversary M emblems available throughout the year on all M Sport / M cars.

While the 3 Series LCI’s exterior is more of the same, the cabin has been overhauled. Say goodbye to having separate buttons for climate controls since you’ll be using the touchscreen from now on. The Operating System 8 boasts a large 14.9-inch infotainment that contains most of the settings, including those for the HVAC. It’s standard across the 3er lineup and is joined on the left side by a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. They’re both housed within the same piece of curved glass, thus giving the impression it’s a one-piece massive display.

As with every other car out there, people will find both good and bad things about it. Whatever the case may be, there’s no denying this is one of the most versatile BMWs money can buy.

Source: rsDrive / YouTube