It isn’t often that you learn new details about a car that debuted 30 years ago but, back in the early ’90s, there weren’t in-depth YouTube reviews, podcasts, or even widespread internet. So many details about cars like the McLaren F1 simply slipped through the cracks and went unknown to many enthusiasts over the decades. During a recent episode of The Smoking Tire podcast, Gordon Murray dished out some cool info about the F1 that some fans might not know.

If you haven’t listened to the episode, stop right now and listen to it. We’re not one to promote other podcasts but I will promote listening to Gordon Murray whenever possible because you learn so much about cars just from hearing his casual conversations. The man is a living, breathing automotive engineering library. I’m pretty sure he can design and engineer an entire car, from top to bottom—engine, gearbox, chassis, suspension, aerodynamics, body, packing, interior, and crash structures.

McLaren F1 – Photos by McLaren Media

The new episode touches on so many things, from Murray’s early days in Formula 1, to how he literally designed and built his own wind tunnel, to the new GMA T.50, to the McLaren F1. While every topic is fascinating, the F1 is what most BMW fans want to know more about, as it used the iconic BMW M S70/2 V12 engine designed by Paul Rosche. Murray talks a bit about the engine and Rosche, with a fun quote that encapsulates just how cool he was.

But there are also some cool little known facts about the F1 that he touches on, such as how the F1 actually used fans, just like the new T.50, just in a different way. He also talks about car design and where modern companies get it wrong and BMW is certainly mentioned there.

Murray is one of the absolute legends of automotive history and anytime he does an interview, I listen. And I think you should listen to this one, too. (The Smoking Tire podcast can be found where all podcasts can be found)