BMW’s production has expanded a lot in the late 20th century. For decades, BMW cars were manufactured only in Germany – formerly, Eisenach, and later Munich and Dingolfing. But today, BMW manufactures vehicles in fifteen different countries, using a network of 31 production sites. Each of these plants produce unique vehicles for different markets.

Knowing where a certain model is manufactured helps give you a better idea when you try to track a new BMW you’ve ordered. But it’s also a neat bit of history for you as an owner. And of course, any real enthusiast would want to know where some of the best driving cars in the world come from.

Where BMW SAVs are Made

BMW Spartanburg 2017 02 830x553

BMW’s SAV lineup now includes a huge stable of models, ranging from the compact X1 to the luxurious X7. Almost all BMW SAVs area produced in Spartanburg, South Carolina in the United States. The major exceptions are the X1 and X2, coming from Regensberg, Germany. And those exceptions also have an exception, since both have Chinese domestic market versions produced at Plant Tiexi in Shenyang.

Though initially not planned for global sales, recent supply chain issues have also forced BMW to export South-African manufactured X3s into different markets. Otherwise, the X3 and X4 are both exclusively produced in Spartanburg. Some markets have slightly different production variances – such as crash safety or emissions standards – and see in-market manufacturing and distribution. A few examples include Egypt, Thailand, and Russia.

The X5 is just like the X3 in the sense that it is primarily manufactured for the global market in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Also like the X3, there are several market-specific versions produced in their respective countries. Same story with the X6, but available in fewer markets. Most recently (beginning in 2018), the X7 has joined the lineup and is also manufactured almost exclusively in South Carolina.

Where BMW Cars are Made

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer production start 4 830x552
2022 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer production start in Leipzig

Although BMW’s focus has shifted to SAVs in recent years, the executive sedan is reportedly still alive and well. So for the time being, BMW still produces a huge variety of sedans and coupes. The sporty little 1 Series (chassis code F40, which the US sadly does not get) is still made in Leipzig and Regensburg, Germany. There’s also a Chinese variant (the F52 chassis) sold and manufactured in China.

The 2 Series Coupe is so far exclusively being produced in Mexico; no words yet on regional variances or any other deviations. The Gran Coupe is mostly manufactured in Germany – Leipzig again – with some markets getting production in their own countries. Mexico is also tasked with manufacturing most of the 3 Series seen in North America; but touring models and M3s are made in Germany. Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, and China also manufacture their respective markets’ 3 Series.

The 4 Series – all variants – is still Germany only. It’s made in both Munich and Dingolfing, BMW’s oldest plants. The G30 5 Series is manufactured in Germany and Austria for most of the world, with some countries – again – receiving market-specific version produced in their own countries. The F90 M5 is manufactured exclusively in Germany. The outgoing G11 7 Series was produced in Germany only for most of the world, and the upcoming G70 7 Series is currently Dingolfing exclusive. Lastly, the 8 Series in all guises is exclusively manufactured in Dingolfing.

Electric BMW Production

The newest i4 and iX fully electric vehicles are manufactured – for now – exclusively in Germany. The i4 in all trims is being produced in Munich. The iX is being produced in Dingolfing. I suspect – but can’t confirm – that as lower trim levels are introduced and electrification spreads, we’ll see these vehicles being produced in other countries as well. But for now, BMW probably wants to keep a watchful eye on these cutting-edge vehicles. And the easiest way to do that is to keep manufacturing very close to home.