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Chip shortages may be getting worse for automakers

Earlier today, Japanese automaker Toyota announced that 27 assembly lines in Japan will be impacted by the spread of COVID, lockdowns and chip shortages. BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler also signaled a change in delivery expectations…

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Lots of U.S. BMW models affected by the chip shortages

The continued supply shortage is creating an inventory issue for U.S.-based BMW dealerships. We’ve already reported on the production issues at German plants which is clearly impacting all global markets. The Spartanburg plant in South…

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BMW looking to cut production cost per vehicle by 25%

The production side of things in the automotive industry is becoming trickier by the minute right now. With various governing bodies asking for more responsibility from car makers and with the companies themselves setting up…

BMW unveils new Tungsten recycling program, 60% CO2 emissions cut

BMW 1er F20 Produktion Regensburg 07 750x500

BMW plant Regensburg reopening delayed by weeks

The renovation work during the regular summer break was supposed to prepare the BMW Regensburg plant for the further electrification of numerous models. According Mittelbayerische Zeitung, the restart of production was planned for September 14th,…