Popular among younger folks, the TikTok social media platform is becoming increasingly more important for automakers. As it stands, BMW leads the way when it comes to car-related content by generating a combined 49.2 billion views. It’s actually far more successful than Mercedes-Benz, which has to settle for second place with 27.1 billion views. Their archrival Audi is third, sharing the last place on the podium with Honda as both have 20.4 billion views.

The study conducted by Confused.com took into account the number of views on TikTok videos that mention the brand using hashtags. It also analyzed model names, but BMW didn’t make it to the top three as the Ford Maverick was first (10.9 billion views), followed by the Mustang (10.7 billion), and the Toyota Supra (9.4 billion views).

Among all BMWs socialized on TikTok, the M5 racked the most views by generating 1.8 billion, so not nearly as many as the three cars mentioned above.

Confused.com’s study also analyzed how popular car influencers are on the relatively new social media platform. Daniel Mac has the most followers, at 12.6 million, followed by Supercar Blondie with 10.6 million, and Dima Gordey with 5.1 million. In case you haven’t heard of any, Daniel Mac made a name for himself by asking people with fancy cars what they do for a living.

Alex Hirschi of Supercar Blondie fame has a namesake channel on YouTube and has access to the latest high-end vehicles she gets to review. As for Dima Gordey, he’s a Russian influencer from Sankt Petersburg covering all sorts of cars, both old and new as well as stock and modified.

In this day and age, social media is a powerful marketing tool any automaker wants to exploit to increase brand awareness. Whether it’s BMW, Mercedes, or any other car manufacturer, having a strong presence on social media represents a top priority.

Source: Confused.com