If you’re worried BMW is going to “ruin” the 5 Series’ design, don’t be. Countless spy shots have shown prototypes seemingly hiding an evolutionary appearance. It looks as though the design team won’t rock the boat too much with the G60 generation, which is something we can’t say about the new 7 Series. To some extent, the X7’s radical facelift is also a lot to take in.

A new speculative rendering from our pals at Kolesa attempts to digitally peel off the camouflage and predict the styling direction BMW’s classy sedan will take for its eighth iteration. All the disguised test vehicles caught so far appeared to have a slightly sharper appearance, which is evidenced in this still very much unofficial design exercise.

Render by Kolesa.ru

Sensibly sized kidney grilles are all but confirmed, without being flanked by split headlights as it’s the case with big-brother 7 Series. Overall, the new 5 is shaping up to be a handsome car by staying away from the overly bold design approach adopted by BMW’s revamped flagship car. The interior will be a revolution rather than an evolution since adopting the iDrive 8 will simplify the dashboard after incorporating most of the functions in the touchscreen.

The 5 Series Sedan’s design will be carried over to the i5, BMW’s first-ever 5er to do away with the combustion engine. It won’t be the only extension of the lineup as we’re hearing the Touring will be offered in both i5 and M5 flavors to cast the company’s net wider in a bid to lure in more customers. For the same reason, we’ve heard there are plans for an M Performance plug-in hybrid, believed to go by the name of M560e with 565 horsepower on tap.

When are the wraps going to come off? Well, our money is in the first months of 2023 since production of the sedan is reportedly starting about a year from now for both ICE and EV versions. In early 2024, the Touring and China-only LWB sedan will follow, with the M5 sedan and wagon to arrive in the second half of the same year.

Source: Kolesa.ru