BMW’s G20-generation 3 Series recently underwent a bit of LCI surgery, getting new headlights, a new front bumper, and some new interior bits. While some of the pre-LCI 3 Series’ character is gone, the newly LCI’d car looks cleaner and a bit sportier. If you’re interested in buying a 3 Series LCI, or you’re a current 3 Series owner and want to know what your new trade-in will look like, you can check out the online configurator on BMW USA’s site.

Each new 3 Series model is available to build on the configurator: the 330i, 330e, and the M340i. All of which are available in either rear-wheel drive or xDrive all-wheel drive. For the sake of variety, I decided to build myself a rear-wheel drive BMW 330e. The 330e doesn’t get as much love as it should but it’s one of the best 3 Series models of any kind you can get.

Unfortunately, I don’t love any of the 3 Series’ color options. I chose Phytonic Blue, which is a fine color, but it’s a bit played out and I’m bored of it. However, I didn’t think Melbourne Red looked any better and Portimao Blue required the M Sport package which, shockingly, I don’t like as much. It’s the wheels, I don’t like the wheel options that come on with the M Sport package. I prefer the standard wheel option better, as I actually think it looks a bit sportier. Weird, I know.

For the interior, I chose Mocha, which is a sort of two-tone brown and black that looks fantastic. It also works really well with the Phytonic Blue paint. This newly facelifted interior comes with BMW’s new iDrive 8, which adds quite a bit of new tech to the cabin and makes it feel more modern. As far as tech options, the only real new one is the 5G connectivity option, which is rather unique in the 3 Series segment and kinda cool.

I think the new 3 Series is still the best looking BMW on sale, overall, as its design is still very BMW-like. It’s avoided the obnoxious grilles, funky headlights, oversized wheels, and strange lines. It’s still a handsome 3 Series and, now with the LCI, it looks even sportier and more modern. So if you’re interested in one, check out the online builder.