This new generation of 7 Series is the most unique and interesting 7 Series in history. It might not be the best looking (it isn’t) and it’s not likely to be the best handling (doubtful) but it’s the most high-tech generation by far and away and it’s the most luxurious. This new 7er has the most radical interior and technology of any 7 Series to date, so much so that customers might not truly understand what they can get. Which is why it might be fun to build your own 7 Series on BMW USA’s online configurator.

There are two models to choose from: the BMW 740i and 760i. I started with the former because we haven’t seen much about it yet. All of the 7 Series coverage went to the top-dog 760i and all-electric i7. But the entry-level (in America) 740i received no love. With a starting price of $93,300, even the entry-level 7er is pricey. For that money, you get quite a few interesting as-standard colors, such as Oxide Gray, Brooklyn Gray, and Aventurine Red. As-standard, the 740i gets 20-inch wheels but three different 21-inch options are available. Though, I like the standard 20s better.

Inside, there are a few different interior leather options as-standard, such as black/burgundy, cognac, and mocha. You can also upgrade to Merino leather, with more color options for $1,850. Some of the really pricey leather get up to $7,300, though. And while all of the trims are your standard BMW interior wood and carbon fiber trims, there is one new one that’s interesting—Mirror Oak High Gloss, and it looks pretty good.

The cabin of the new 7 Series is actually astonishingly good. Its seats are superb, the design is fresh and exciting, and it’s jam-packed with insane levels of technology. But there are a few options that you need to be aware of. First is the theater screen, the insane 31-inch, 8K screen for the rear seat that can stream any of your entertainment apps through the car’s 5G connection. It’s pricey, at $4,750, but if you’re spending six-figures on a car, get the damn screen. Another must-have option is the automatic closing door option, which allows the doors to fully open and fully close with just the push of a button, like a Rolls-Royce. That’s only $1,500 and well worth it. Lastly is the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system ($4,800), which combines with the theater screen to create a movie theater inside the car.

Obviously, only rich people can afford a 7 Series but for those of us normies, we can at least have some fun picking out the options in our insanely luxurious, but entirely imaginary, 7 Series to live in fantasy land for a few minutes.