Rolls-Royce had to put on a show in its own backyard, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and put on a show it did. Admittedly, none of the cars on display were anything particularly new (it would have been nice is Rolls teased the upcoming Spectre somehow), but the stunning display of unique colors made it a worthwhile event for the iconic British brand. Of the gorgeously painted cars it had on display, the Galileo Blue and black Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge was the star.

All of the models on hand were Black Badge Rollers, which now make up a whopping 27-percent of all new Rolls purchases, adding a bit more youthful style to the brand’s display. There were three Black Badge Rollers in total: a Cullinan, Wraith, Dawn, and the aforementioned Ghost. The latter of which was painted in two-tone Galileo Blue/black color scheme, a combination that also ran into the cabin. While it’s a bit retina-searing, due to the dramatic contrast, it’s a vibrant, bold look for a car that’s typically painted in quite muted colors.

The next best Rolls-Royce on display in Goodwood was the Black Badge Dawn, which was painted in a highlighter-yellow Rolls calls “Jasmine”, with black accents. For a convertible that’s likely going to spend the majority of its life in a sunny, beautiful climate, it’s a really nice color combo.

Though, it was the Cullinan with the most Rolls-Royce-like color scheme. While its Dark Olive green isn’t exactly your traditional British green, it’s quite lovely. Its Mandarin coachline and brake calipers also offer bright contrast to the earthy green paint. Inside, the tan interior also gets Mandarin accents, as well as carbon fiber inlays, which combine to create a clash of old-world and new-world designs.

Lastly, the Black Badge Wraith featured a lovely Tucana Purple exterior paint with a Mandarin interior. While the Wraith is probably the least interesting Roller on sale at this point, with its far more interesting successor—the Spectre—on its way, the color scheme of this one was quite nice.

Goodwood is the home of Rolls-Royce, so it’s no surprise the British luxury brand showed off some incredible looking cars. However, we’re hoping for a Spectre appearance by the end of the weekend.