BMW took the wraps off the M3 Touring yesterday but it was awfully quiet about the paint options buyers will be able to choose from. Thankfully, the company’s German website already has the super wagon’s visualizer up and running, showing no fewer than 16 body colors. In addition, there are a couple of wheel designs to choose from, each available in two different finishes.

Stepping inside the cabin, customers can pick from one of the 16 available themes and five trim finishes for the dashboard. The result is a highly customizable performance wagon, even before adding extra equipment. The full configurator is not available at the moment of writing, but once it’ll be up, it shouldn’t be too hard to push the asking price to €100,000 considering the base M340i Touring starts at €72,300.

The M3 Touring sold in Germany will be offered with the available exterior paint jobs:

  • Alpine White
  • M Sao Paulo Yellow
  • Sapphire Black
  • Sky Scraper Gray
  • M Portimao Blue
  • M Toronto Red
  • M Isle of Men Green
  • M Brooklyn Grey
  • BMW Individual Tanzanite Blue
  • BMW Individual Dravit Grey
  • Aventurine Red
  • BMW Individual Frozen Brilliant White
  • BMW Individual Frozen Portimao Blue
  • BMW Individual Frozen Pure Grey
  • BMW Individual Frozen Black
  • BMW Individual Frozen Orange

Regardless of the one you go for, the 2023 BMW M3 Touring comes as standard with a glossy black roof while the roof rails and rear diffuser have the same finish. It doesn’t get the carbon fiber roof of its sedan sibling, but it does have a bespoke 3D-printed roof spoiler. Black chrome is used for the quad 100-mm exhaust tips, although you can have them in the traditional shiny chrome as well.

BMW says it will begin to take orders from September and commence series production in November. It estimates Germany and UK will represent the M3 Touring’s biggest markets. The performance wagon will also be sold in Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Japan, among other markets. Sadly, the United States won’t be one of them.

Source: BMW Deutschland