A few days ago, BMW M unveiled a few of its top-secret CSL models that never made it to production. Only three were show, with a promise of more to come: the E46 M3 CSL V8, the E60 M5 CSL, and the E63 M6 CSL. All of which were very different and exciting but Top Gear was able to get into the secret CSL garage to show off something potentially even more exciting, something BMW M didn’t show off in its own video. An F87 BMW M2 CSL.

Apparently, the BMW board had two options: create a BMW M2 CSL or an M2 CS but not both. It’s obvious which car they chose, as the M2 CS debuted in 2020 and the CSL was tucked away in the secret garage. We’re not complaining, the M2 CS is a brilliant little car to drive, but it would have been nice to get both.

Especially when you look at the damn thing. The prototype M2 CSL looks fantastic, with its fixed rear wing, added aerodynamics, lowered ride height, and a paint that is Misano Blue but BMW claims isn’t Misano Blue. C’mon, BMW, we’re not blind. The wing is especially interesting because the mounting arms that hold it to the trunk are 3D printed, with an organic-like structure. So only the areas that need strength have it. As Top Gear’s Ollie Marriage points out, that’s likely going to be something we see on production BMWs in the future.

There are a few more interesting details on the M2 CSL, such as its racing bucket seats and four-point racing harnesses. Surprisingly, BMW didn’t give the M2 CSL the same fixed carbon bucket seats as the M3 and M4 but that’s for the better. The seats in this video are cooler looking and make it feel more like a proper race car.

BMW came really close to putting the M2 CSL in to production and we’re sad it never did. However, it will have another chance with the next-generation of M2. Considering it’s probably the last internal combustion M2 ever, BMW should make both a CS and a CSL.