I love my 2011 BMW M3 E92 and have no plans of selling it. But, some things are needing attention as it ages. Though I don’t drive it in the Midwest winter weather, the floor mats are starting to show their age. Once you’ve worn them out, there’s nothing really left but to replace them. Enter, Matwise a company that specializes in OEM replacement floor mats. Just like with most brands, to order a set of floor mats for your BMW requires you to enter the Make, Model, Year, and Bodystyle of your car. Matwise says that their floor mats are specially made for your exact car’s dimensions.

Aftermarket or OEM Floor Mats?

The first question you might have is how do the Matwise floor mats compare to factory mats? Firstly, they are definitely the same shape. The original E92 M3 floor mats had some extra pile under the heels and there are no BMW or ///M3 embroidered labels on them. On the Matwise mats, I really like the optional colored stitching embroidered on the edges. It gives the mats a more premium and unique look. If you have a BMW i car, the Matwise mats even include the option of the electric blue edging.

Secondly, Matwise ensures that their floor mats engage securely with the Velcro-tension system grabbing the bottom of the mat firmly. When you flip them over, you will notice the circular velcro discs. So far, I’ve had no issues with the floor mats moving around while driving my E92 M3. When you run your fingers over them, the materials feel really smooth and premium, while the stitching on the edges is perfectly executed.


Cost is very reasonable for such a quality floor mat. My set costs $79 for all four-floor mats, and comes with front and rear. OEM and other premium floor mats usually cost a bit more, if not double in some cases. They also offer custom orders, so in case your car is not available in their ordering system, you can always reach out to Matwise. Custom orders ship in 2-3 weeks and pricing starts at $139.

Matwise says shipping is free and they offers a 100-day return policy, if for some reason you don’t like their products. To see how the Matwise floor mats fill in my E92 M3, take a look at photo gallery below.

Disclaimer, Matwise sent me these floor mats to test, but the review reflects my own experience with the product.