BMW M was kind enough to include a few new models into its 50th anniversary party, the 1 Series hatchback and 2 Series Gran Coupe. While they aren’t exactly 50 Jahre models themselves, like the BMW M3 and M4 50 Jahre that launched yesterday, they do come with 50 Jahre badges and some exclusive colors, all part of the Edition ColorVision package.

The Edition ColorVision package isn’t exclusive to M Performance versions of the 1 Series and 2 Series but it does only come with the M Sport package. That means both cars get M Sport bumpers and front air intakes, sportier wheels, and high-gloss shadowline trim. Being M Sport models, they also get adaptive sport suspension with a 10mm drop in ride height. Despite not being M cars, they also get BMW’s new 50 Jahre badges, to commemorate 50 years of the M Division, just like the M3 Jahre and M4 CSL.

All BMW 1 Series and 2 Series Edition Colorvision cars will also get the option of BMW Individual color finishes, 50 of which are distinct M colors throughout history. For instance, you get get a modern color, like Frozen Grey Metallic, or go for a classic M Division color, like Dakar Yellow and Daytona Violet. For the inside, two bi-color Dakota leather options are available, Black/Magma Red and Black/White. Both of which come with embroidered “Edition” badges, as well as sport seats with fixed headrests, and floor mats with bespoke piping.

If you want a 1 Series or 2 Series with the new Edition ColorVision package, you can get any engine option, from the lowliest diesel to the top of the line M Performance car. While the ColorVision package might purely be aesthetic, it does offer things the standard cars cannot without it, so it will certainly increase the fun of owning such cars over the years. Plus, it’s just cool to be able to have a 1 Series hatchback with a funky M color.