We recently had the chance to fly out Germany to test out the new BMW XM both on track and on public roads. Horatiu was our man on the ground in Germany and his first impressions and video of the car both went live two days ago. However, it’s also good to get some impressions from other members of the media, so we’re not just an echo chamber, here at BMWBLOG. Our pal Joe Achilles was also in Germany to test out the XM and, as a BMW fan but someone who has strong opinions about both SUVs and hybrids, we thought it’s be interesting to hear his take.

In his latest video, Achilles tests out the new BMW XM, a car that should be the antithesis of both BMW M and what Achilles enjoys. Can the nearly three-ton hybrid SUV impressive him? Let’s find out.

Achilles was potentially a bit hamstrung in this video, having BMW M project manager Sven Ritter riding shotgun. It’s not as if Achilles is going to voice many complaints with the car’s project manager sitting elbow-to-elbow with him. However, you can still get his first impression of the car, which is surprisingly good.

I don’t think it should come as any surprise that the BMW XM seems to be an impressive car. The M Division has been ripping up Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of physics for decades now with its performance SUVs. So despite weighing as much as a small apartment building, the XM seems shockingly fast and remarkably agile. Yet, it’s also comfortable, quiet, offers a commanding view of the road, and has good sightlines. Again, though, should any of that surprise you, when coming from the brand that made the X5 M and X6 M?

Is it a proper M car? On paper, it’s the most M Division car since the original M1, being that the XM was made entirely by BMW M. However, it’s yet to be seen whether a three-ton SUV can properly thrill the way an M car should.