With all the talk about the new 7 Series with its 31-inch display, automatic doors, and door-mounted touchscreen, we figured a break from technology was in order. This 5 Series from the second generation is low on tech, but high on character as the E28 has a unique look. It’s a 520i that has gone through a rat rod conversion, with the end result being quite the eye-grabber.

The car belongs to Bobby and she bought it back in 2013 from Bulgaria before shipping it to the UK seven years later. That’s when the restoration process began as the E28 was not in its best shape. Driving from work to a custom shop in London, she did most of the work herself, with assistance from some of her friends.

This E28 Went From Having Real Rust To Fake Rust

The front fenders were changed while the areas devoured by rust like the side skirts and the floor were repaired. In addition, the 1980s 5 Series went through an in-depth mechanical refresh to fix the leaking engine. The straight-six M20 engine received new seals and breaths via a throaty exhaust system. She also spruced up the suspension with coilovers for a better ride.

Not everything went according to the plan as the engine malfunctioned and had to be rebuilt again. What happened? The timing belt skipped a tooth and then one of the pistons hit the valve. The 130-horsepower engine was repaired and the E28 was back on the road.

As for the rat rod treatment, it’s actually a full body wrap. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we’ll say the peculiar finish does work with the yellow headlights and striking 15-inch BBS wheels. The E28 wasn’t customized just for kicks as Bobby uses it as a daily driver. A striking one at that.

Source: Number 27 / YouTube