Do you daydream of driving to work, accompanied by the sound of a rip-snorting naturally-aspirated V10? What about taking the kids to school sideways, in a cloud of tire smoke? If so, you might want to buy an E60-generation BMW M5, for its atmospheric V10, rear-drive layout, and four-door body style. However, you might also be hesitant, as E60 M5s don’t exactly have a stellar reputation for reliability. But what if it had a ton of recent service and wore an attractive price tag?

This specific 2007 BMW M5 that’s currently up for sale on Modfind (a marketplace for car enthusiasts) could be the car to tickle your various fancies. It’s in the most common color scheme; silver over black; has the more common six-speed SMG gearbox, and looks to be in very good shape, with 122,000 miles on it.

More important than spec, though, is service. As desirable as the S85 V10 engine is, it’s famous for eating its rod bearings and its SMG transmission pump is fails quite often. Those two issues can cost small fortunes to repair and, if the rod bearings fail, it could cost you your entire engine. Which is why almost no enthusiasts buy E60 M5s that haven’t had their rod bearings replaced.

Has this car been serviced properly and has it had the oh-so-important rod bearings replaced? The answers seem to be yes and yes. The rod bearings, Vanos line and engine mounts were all replaced 3,000 miles ago. At 78,000 miles, the transmission, SMG pump, and clutch were all replaced at a dealership. Which means most of the common failure points of the E60 M5 were fixed and replaced in this car, hopefully providing many more trouble-free miles.

At $15,000, this E60 BMW M5 represents an impressive value. For less than the cost of a new, base-spec Toyota Corolla, you can get a V10-powered BMW sedan with 500 horsepower and all the leather you could want. If you hop on Modfind, you’ll see a surprising amount of fun cars, along with some of the quirkiest mods you could find. Of course, there are also plenty of high-quality aftermarket parts in case you decide to add some performance or style to this E60 M5.

Disclosure: This is a partnership with ModFind to promote their new marketplace.