To mark 50 years of the M division, the original BMW Motorsport emblem is returning in 2022 for all M cars and those equipped with the M Sport Package. Following an announcement made last November, the company has kicked off customer deliveries of vehicles available with the retro touch. These are a no-cost option on full-fat M cars and you’re not stuck with them since the regular badges can still be ordered.

One of the first cars to roll off the assembly line is this M3 in Skyscraper Gray. Car rental company Destio from Poland recently purchased the car and was kind enough to share some images of their prized possession. They also have a Ford Mustang GT and Audi RS3 Sedan available to rent for at least a day or up to a month.

First used by BMW Motorsport GmbH race cars in 1973, the iconic emblem adorns the front, rear, and wheel hubs. The company started to accept orders for high-performance cars with the motorsport tie-in at the end of January. Production kicked off in March, and this M3 is an early adopter from Poland.

The retrolicious badge can be complemented by a historic paint livery relevant to M cars throughout the decades. These include Fire Orange, Dakar Yellow, Macao Blue, Daytona Violet, Frozen Marina Bay Blue, and Imola Red. We’d reckon it looks great on this M3 as well and many will want the BMW Motorsport avatar. It’s especially true since the classic emblem will be available only in 2022.

Prepare to see plenty of M cars with the new/old look in the coming months. Arriving before the end of the year will be the M2, M3 Touring, M4 CSL, and the production-ready XM.

In the meantime, those who happen to be in Poland can rent the M3 Competition for the equivalent of $380. There is a mileage limit as customers as drive it for up to 250 kilometers (155 miles).